Are you looking for an electronic payment system that is secure, efficient and easy to use? Today, more people than ever shop for goods and services online, so having an efficient and highly trusted payment portal is essential. Whether you're setting up an online store or whether you have an established e-commerce business, you'll discover many advantages to choosing Innocard. Innocard offers electronic payment solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your business, and which provide your customers with a range of benefits and rewards. Easy to integrate software, a modern and secure payment platform that is backed by merchants and flexible products that allow you to receive payment by SMS or e-mail are just some of the advantages to choosing Innopay.

Innovative products for the e-commerce age

Innopay is a unique e-payment system that is trusted by businesses around the world, and which is secure, up to date and adaptable. The e-commerce market has grown at an unprecedented rate over the past decade, and is now the preferred way to shop for many people. It's more important than ever to attract new customers and to keep those that you already have, and choosing Innnocard as your electronic payment partner gives you access to a range of benefits that can increase the potential of your business. Not only can you recieve payments at any time, Innopay works while you sleep to handle sales safely and securely. You can also use Innopay software to recieve SMS and e-mail payments and to create award and loyalty schemes for your customers. Innopay is completely focused on the needs of your customers and is open to customer requests. Software has been developed in Switzerland by, and combines ease of use with innovative features such as point of sale (POS) verification of customer details.

Choose the electronic payment system that is right for you

Whether you wish to process electronic payments for your small online shop or whether you handle vast numbers of transactions as a large corporation, Innopay has the system you need. Affordable solutions that will increase your profits and streamline your online operation can be seen at Innopay Basic is one of the most popular, and its combination of the latest PCI-certified payment system with 3-D Secure will enable you to receive secure internet payments effortlessly. It's the perfect entry level solution, and supports payment by credit, debit and prepaid card. Advanced Innopay has all of the great features of the entry-level module, and also allows you to accept e-mail, SMS and PayPal payments. With 1 click secure payment and the option of creating a personalised layout, it's an excellent electronic payment system for larger or established companies. Many of the world's leading names in business and commerce trust Innopay Professional, and this premium system can be altered or enhanced to conform to your specific requirements. Take a look at now for more details, or call and talk to a friendly professional adviser.

Setting the standard in electronic payment